Pet Services

At Melbourne Pet Minders we offer a range of services for our clients. Melbourne Pet Minders is based in the South East Suburbs, however, some services are available throughout ALL Melbourne Suburbs.
We can help care for your pet whatever your situation may be. If the service you require is not listed below please feel free to contact us and we can personalize a package just for you.

Cats feeding

Melbourne Pet Boarding

Stretching CatWhy not have your pet stay in our 5* Accommodation. Pets live with us indoors (unless outdoor accommodation is requested) and enjoy the freedom of the house. Cats and kittens have access to the whole house, whilst dogs have access to a large secure garden area.

Pet specific information

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Pet Sitting in Melbourne

Basic Service
If you would like someone to call around to your home and feed/walk the animals and clean up any mess made by them includes cleaning litter trays, cleaning cages, providing medication, whelp monitor and collect mail. Charges from $20 per visit for cats and from $25 per visit for dogs (South East Suburbs & Selected others Only)

Breeder Service
If you are a registered breeder and require a holiday we can tailor make a package to suit your requirements from: $50 per day. (Selected Suburbs)

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Melbourne Pet Taxi

Do you require a pet taxi? Melbourne Pet Minders can help with all your pet transport needs. We regularly work with local veterinary practices and help transport pets to the veterinary clinic prior to surgery and take them home after.
Other reasons you may require a Pet Taxi include:

  • Quarantine pick-ups or transfers to kennels, catteries, airport or home.
  • Purchasing a pet and need to get it back home.
  • Needing to collect veterinary prescriptions.
  • Surrendering your pet to the RSPCA or other rescue organisations.
  • Collecting your dog and dropping them off at Doggy Daycare

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Dog Walking

Dog walkingDoes your dog suffer from separation anxiety?

  • Is your dog destructive whilst you’re not home?
  • Is your dog barking and disturbing the neighbours whilst your at work?
  • Have you a new puppy and are worried about leaving it at home all day on its own?
  • Does your dog try to escape from the garden?
  • Are you to tired or busy to walk your dog?
  • Do you work long hours?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions then hiring a dog walker is the way to go.

There are a lot of dogs who suffer behavioural problems due to being left in the back yard all day with no environmental enrichment. Why not let us take your dog out for a walk which will not only provide him with exercise but will stimulate his senses and in turn help ease any behavioural problems that may be occurring.

Our Charges are as follows:
Dog Walking – from $30 per session

Dog Walking – 5 days (1 session per day) $135

Dog Walking – 7 days (1 session per day) $180

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Doggy DayCare in Melbourne

Doggy DaycareDoes your dog suffer from separation anxiety, do the neighbours complain of barking when you are not around, does your dog dig to escape when left in the yard all day, does your dog chew things he shouldn’t then if so why not bring them to Doggy Day Care. We will entertain your dog whilst your out at work or shopping. (South East Suburbs Only)

** Contact us for pricing

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Importing Pets to Australia

aeroplaneMelbourne Pet Minders have partnered up with two overseas Professional Pet Travel Companies who can help you organise shipping your pets to Australia. In the United Kingdom we highly recommend using the services of PetAirUK. The two founders have over 26 years veterinary experience and are both qualified DEFRA Local Veterinary Inspectors .

If you are moving from the USA then your first choice has to be AnimalsAway. They have been in business for 17 years and take pride in their commitment and dedication to caring for your precious pets.

For further information on importing your pets to Australia we have provided the following links to articles which will help the move go more smoothly, please click on the links below:

Importing Pets from the United Kingdom
A great article wrote by Bob at PetAirUK on what is needed to import your pet in to Australia.

Australian Pet Quarantine Stations
Information is provided on the Quarantine Stations in Australia.