Pet Sitting

If you can answer YES to one or more of these questions then Melbourne Pet Minders can help you!!

  • Have you ever wanted to go on holiday, but dreaded the thought of how your pet would be cared for while you are away?
  • Ever wanted to stay late at a special dinner, but you had to get home to take care of your pet?
  • Do you feel bad taking your pet to a kennel?
  • Have you got lots of pets and worried how much it would cost you in a Melbourne Boarding Kennel?
  • Want to go away and want your plants taken care of??
  • Are you worried that the junk mail will turn in to a mountain whilst your away and people will know your not home?
  • Are you a Melbourne breeder of cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, reptiles etc and worried about leaving them alone?

There is another option available that you may not be aware of: Melbourne Pet Sitters!

A Pet Sitter can easily be asked to visit 1 – 3 times per day while their owners are gone. Each visit lasts half an hour to an hour, depending on the owner’s preferences. We can provide overnight visits, keeping animals company—and keeping the house occupied.

Daily visits can consist of taking animals for a walk, ferrying them to veterinary appointments, feeding them, cleaning up the yard, cleaning out the litter box, play, or just spending time communing, curled up in the family room.

Pet Sitters can also prepare special food for your pet, fluffing blankets for the animals’ sleeping areas, and filling outside bird feeders, not only to keep birds well fed, but to give the indoor cats something to watch all day, too.

Pet Sitters are also House Sitters giving you that secure feeling for your property. This means turning the lights on and off, the trash put out at the curb, plants watered, and mail and newspapers brought in promptly.

Basic Service

If you would like someone to call around to your home and feed/walk the animals and clean up any mess made by them includes cleaning litter trays, cleaning cages, providing medication, whelp monitor and collect mail. Charges from $20 per visit (South East Suburbs & Selected others Only)

Breeder Service

If you are a registered breeder and require a holiday we can tailor make a package to suit your requirements from: $50 per day. (Selected Suburbs)


For your own peace of mind we can provide references.
We are also fully insured and hold clean National Police Certificates (Record Checks)

NB: Please note if your pets are already living outdoors and have access to shade, food and water we may not need the key to your house.