Pet Boarding – Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

rabbit-hutch1We are able to board your rabbit indoors or outdoors.

If your rabbit is used to living outdoors then accommodation is provided in our double storey rabbit hutch with run. The lower level has an open floor design to allow grazing, whilst the upper area is split to provide a sleeping / privacy area for your pet. Safety and security for your pet is paramount to us, so the hutch is located in a secluded and sheltered area of the garden with fencing all around. The hutch is also fitted with 3 brass padlocks to prevent the doors from being inadvertently opened.

In the enclosure, we provide a water bowl and a water bottle, a hayrack, a bowl for dry rabbit food (pellets) and also a hanging basket (which we fill with veggies and greens) which the rabbits enjoy using.

The enclosure in located in a shaded area of the garden, however if the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius or above then we place ice packs in the enclosure to ensure your pet remains safe and healthy. The enclosure provides ample protection against the cold, however, on occasions we may fetch your pet indoors to ensure their comfort.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile stopping with us, your rabbit will typically be fed; hay, dry pellets, Dutch carrot tops and green veg, with occasional treats such as strawberries and apples.