Pet Boarding – Dogs and Puppies

Cute PuppiesHere at Melbourne Pet Minders we endeavour to provide a stimulating environment for the pets we care for. Dogs or puppies that stop with us live indoors (unless you specifically require outdoor accommodation) and have the full run of the house and aren’t confined to one particular room / area. They also have access to a large garden area at the rear of the house which is fully fenced and enclosed. Whilst stopping with us, your dog or puppy will enjoy the following:

  • Regular walks in stimulating environments such as parks, reserves and the beach.
  • Social interaction with our family.
  • Social interaction with other pets (subject to temperament testing).
  • A variety of cosy beds and blankets to choose from when some r & r is required.
  • Large variety of toys to play with such as balls, Frisbees, Kongs, tug toys etc.
  • Reward treats
  • Tasty mealtimes

As an owner, you can take advantage of the following services, whilst your pet is stopping with us:

A choice of free email or SMS updates on your pets well-being whilst stopping with us.
Access to photo galleries of your pet.

Diet / Feeding

While stopping with us, we provide ‘Purina One & MyDog’ dry food and either ‘Natures Gift’ or ‘MyDog’ tinned wet food for your dog. We use these products as we believe they provide an excellent nutritional feed for your pet. Additionally the wet foods are visually appealing and stimulating and we believe that your pet will more readily take to them. If your dog has differing dietary requirements, we ask that you supply their food for the duration of their stay.