Pet Boarding – Cats and Kittens

Cats feeding

Here at Melbourne Pet Minders we endeavour to provide a stimulating environment for the pets we care for. Cats or kittens that stop with us have the whole use of our house . The rooms have air con or individual fans:

  • Ducted heating / Air Con
  • A variety of artificial plants
  • Individual fans
  • Food and water bowls.
  • Scratch post
  • Play Tunnel
  • A variety of toys

Your cat isn’t never confined to one room they will enjoy the full freedom of our home where possible.

Your cat / kitten has the opportunity to enjoy plenty of social interaction with our family and other pets, however, if your pet prefers a quieter more secluded stay then we are fully able to meet those requirements.

We provide ‘Dine’ dry food and ‘Dine’ tinned wet food for your cat. We use ‘Dine’ as we believe they provide an excellent nutritional feed for your pet. Additional both the dry and wet foods are both more visually appealing and stimulating than many of the other products on the market and we believe that your pet will more readily take to them. If your cat has differing dietary requirements, we ask that you supply their food for the duration of their stay.

Cat Food Dine Cat Food   Wet Cat Food