Pet Boarding

At Melbourne Pet Minders we can board your cat, dog, birds, rodents and reptiles. We do not believe that pets should be left outside and all animals are welcome to share our home. Cats and Dogs have their own en-suite bedroom with wonderful views and a queen size bed, with built in robes for any outfits they may like to bring along. They also have air-conditioning or heating depending on the weather as well as a toy box full of goodies. They even have their own home theatre room where they can watch the latest pet movies “101 Dalmatians”, “Cats and Dogs”, “Garfield” and “Stuart Little”

Cats feeding

Further Information:

Pet Boarding V’s Boarding Kennels

Now we all agree that there are some stunning boarding kennels around Melbourne but, however nice they are they can’t provide your dog or cat with that one on one personal touch, they can’t provide your dog or cat with a full sized queen bed or their own home theatre room to curl up on the sofa and watch the latest movies. This is why bringing your pets to Melbourne Pet Minders is a great bonus over putting them in a kennel or as some of our clients refer to them “prison cells”. I can remember when a client said she loved bringing her dog to Melbourne Pet Minders because the boarding kennels that she used prior were worse than human prisons, she said that her dog would be left sitting in its own urine or faeces until the kennel hand found time to go round and clean up. If you are going away on holiday why not let your pet have a holiday to!!

Pet Boarding – Prices

As you can see by boarding your pet with us it is not going to break the bank.

Our Charges are as follows:

  • Dog Boarding – from $37 per day
  • Cat Boarding – $20 per day
  • Rabbits / Guinea Pig Boarding – contact us
  • Rodents Boarding - contact us
  • Reptiles Boarding - contact us

** Prices are per animal, discounts may be available for the boarding of 2 or more pets and for long stays, contact us for pricing.
*** A Pickup and return service is available. Please contact us for further details.