Boarding Your Pet for the First Time

Although at Melbourne Pet Minders we do our best to make sure your pet has everything they require, sometimes the stress of being parted from you can cause your pet to become depressed. There are a few things that you can do to make their stay a little better. Bring a familiar blanket or favourite toy. These items will have your smell on it and remind your pet of home. Provide the staff with all necessary medications and instructions, along with emergency contact numbers and your veterinarian’s name and number. When you do drop your pet off, hold your emotions in check. Make the farewell short and sweet so that he doesn’t pick up on or get upset about your own feelings of sadness or nervousness. A lot of dogs experience anxiety when they are boarded away from home, for the first time. Their owners do too, and each feeds off the other’s worry. You may find your pet has lost weight whilst being in a boarding environment this can be due to a variety of things for example:

Change of diet
If your pet only eats a certain brand of food it would be wise bringing this along with you. At Melbourne Pet Minders we feed our dogs Advance and for our feline friends we feed Whiskers. We also feed chicken.

Although we give your pets 100% attention and love, there are times where we can not replace you and your pet will pine for your return. At Melbourne Pet Minders we will try a variety of foods to tempt your pet to eat and although this usually works your pet will still not have the same appetite as what they had at home.

At Melbourne Pet Minders we do not take your dog and lock it in a kennel for the time it spends with us. In fact it is quite the opposite they have the run of our home and (with your permission) are exercised 2 or 3 times a day, which usually involves a daily drive to the local beach which is 10 minutes away. For pets that are use to living in their owners garden or not having regular exercise you will find your dog becomes a lot fitter and healthier.

Remember: We all use our dogs as dustbins, but avoid the temptation to empty the fridge into the dog’s stomach before he comes to us. He may vomit in the car, or have an upset stomach which will get him off to a bad start. Don’t feed him bones the day before his holiday, or they may tear his intestines.