Melbourne Pet Taxi

Reasons for Needing a Pet Taxi

  • Quarantine pick-ups, transfers to kennels, catteries, airport or home.
  • Taking your pet to the veterinary clinic before surgery and taking your pet home after.
  • Purchasing a pet and need to get it back home.
  • Needing to collect veterinary prescriptions.
  • Surrendering your pet to the RSPCA or other rescue organisations.
  • Collecting your dog and dropping them off at Doggy Daycare

If you need a pet taxi for other reasons please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Vehicle and Equipment

The vehicle is equipped with dual climate control air conditioning to ensure your pet remains comfortable at all times if they are travelling with us. In addition, all windows are tinted, offering further comfort. Our carrier is IATA Approved (The International Air Transport Association)

We carry the following equipment with us in vehicles at all times:

  • Mobile phone
  • First Aid kit
  • Dog record sheet (emergency contact & vet contact details)
  • Sun Screen
  • Oil Skin Dog Coats (for use in inclement weather)
  • Car harness (various sizes)
  • Extra Large Transportation crate
  • Portable water bowls and supply of water
  • Spare leads (various sizes up to 7 metre leads)
  • Spare collars
  • Toys – balls, frisbees etc
  • Treats / rewards
  • Clicker / whistle
  • Dog Tidy Bags
  • Pet Wipes, Blankets & Towels

Pet Taxi – Prices

Please contact us for pricing

NB: Please note in extreme weather conditions we may not be able to offer the Pet Taxi Service