Hiring a Dog Walker in Melbourne

Lets face it, we all want to own a dog but in the fast paced world we live in we don’t always have the time and dedication to keep our beloved canine friend entertained and exercised. As well informed, loving dog owners we know that you can’t just buy a dog and keep it locked in the backyard without any socialisation. We also know how important it is for our dogs to get regular exercise. A well exercised dog is less likely to display destructive behaviour in our home or garden, bark and annoy the neighbours or try to jump over the fence in a hope to explore the world.

When you come home from work and the last thing you want to do is go for a hours walk with your canine friend. So why not hire a dog walker?
Providing a stimulating break during the day could help prevent separation anxiety, which can be pain staking to treat. Also, giving your dog the gift of time with other dogs and people will keep his social skills well oiled, thus preventing behaviour problems involving other dogs and people in the future.

Because most of us work full-time it is almost impossible for us to provide all of what our dogs need without some help. Seeking the services of Melbourne Pet Minders Professional Dog Walkers is a great way to get the help we need.

If Melbourne Dog Walkers does not cover your suburb make sure that the dog walker you hire is fully insured and trained in pet first aid. Below is a guide on where to start and what questions to ask a potential walker.

Where to Start

The idea of handing our house key to a complete stranger is nerve wracking enough, let alone handing over our furry family member! There are as many untrained walkers as there are trained professionals out there and it is easy to get overwhelmed while trying to decide who is the best match for you and your dog.

Questions to Ask

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