Dog Walking

Reasons for using a Dog Walker

  • Working all day and your dog is alone.
  • Your dog is destructive.
  • You own an escape artist, Frodo keeps jumping over the fence or digging out.
  • The neighbours comment on your dog barking all day.
  • Your dog keeps having accidents in the house

If some of the above sound familiar it may be worth while considering using our dog walking service.

Benefits of Using a Dog Walker

dog-walking-2th There are so many benefits of daily dog walks for both owners and dogs. Ideally, you would take your dog out every day if you could, because as a dog owner you are responsible for the health and well-being of your pet. But if you don’t have the time or energy that your dog requires due to the demands of your career, family, or commuting, or if you are physically unable to take your dog out for regular exercise, I would recommend using a professional dog walker like Melbourne Pet Minders. In caring for your dog this way, you may also free up some more time for yourself without sacrificing your pet’s health.

Dogs crave the stimulating sights, sounds and scents that only the outdoors can provide with the sky above and the earth below. Just get out the lead and you know how excited your dog gets! And once they are outside you notice how your dog is transformed from a sleepy couch potato to an energized, alert animal. The sheer variety of stimuli outdoors can help dogs maintain mental sharpness, while the exercise helps maintain physical strength.

As they are incredibly intelligent creatures, dogs can become bored and unhappy when they are not stimulated. Bored dogs may become destructive around the home, causing expensive damage. As a damage-prevention measure, hiring a dog walker can pay off! Additionally, dogs are social creatures. When they go outside with a dog walker, marking territory, sniffing around and meeting up with other people and dogs is an important way for them to interact with the world at large. A good power walk or playtime with “safe” doggie friends will satisfy its need for stimulation, companionship and exercise.

Have you had your neighbours complain because of your dog barking all day whilst your at work, or maybe they do bark but your neighbours are to nice to say anything. The reasons most dogs bark are that they are bored. Just a 30 minute walk could be all that is needed and it sure beats receiving a letter of complaint from your local council.

Certain breeds require more exercise and mental stimulation than others. But with any breed, regular exercise is a must to prevent the dog from becoming overweight. Maintaining a healthy pet is much smarter than dealing with the problems that arise from inactivity such as obesity and canine disease. For good health and well-being, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A regular routine of walking and playtime may be exactly what your dog needs to maintain its health for many
Should you call on the services of Melbourne Pet Minders you can get peace of mind knowing that your faithful friend is getting the exercise and stimulation that she/he craves and deserves.

Our Dog Walking Service

This is the perfect service for pet parents who can’t be home in the middle of the day. During each visit we provide your dog with whatever they may need – fresh water or food, a good romp in the park and some friendly company! Each dog comes back all worked out and ready for a rest until you return home.

dog-walking-1thOur top priority is the well-being of your dog therefore we only walk one dog at a time as we like to give you our 101% attention.

All walks include the following:

Plenty of exercise and play time. We try to ensure the walking environment is stimulating for your dog, so where possible, walks will be at a beach or park / reserve.

  • Lots of water so your dog doesn’t get dehydrated. We always carry a supply of water (& food) with us and use portable feed & water bowls.
  • Yummy treats (upon your request).
  • Reinforcement of basic obedience training.
  • Wipe down after each walk if your dog is dirty
  • Daily reports to communicate important details about your dog’s walk if required.


We carry the following equipment with us in vehicles at all times:

  • Mobile phone
  • First Aid kit
  • Dog record sheet (emergency contact & vet contact details)
  • Sun Screen
  • Oil Skin Dog Coats (for use in inclement weather)
  • Car harness (various sizes)
  • Extra Large Transportation crate
  • Portable water bowls and supply of water
  • Spare leads (various sizes up to 7 metre leads)
  • Spare collars
  • Toys – balls, Frisbees etc
  • Treats / rewards
  • Clicker / whistle
  • Dog Tidy Bags
  • Pet Wipes, Blankets & Towels

The vehicle is equipped with dual climate control air conditioning to ensure your pet remains comfortable at all times if they are travelling with us. In addition, all windows are tinted, offering further comfort.

Your dog’s walks are almost always guaranteed regardless of the weather. We will not walk your dog during thunderstorms as a lot of dogs have a phobia against thunder. If the day is going to be a scorcher we may cut the walk short depending on how your dog can cope with the heat. Our Dog walkers are trained in Pet First Aid and are fully insured. We always carry a mobile phone in case of emergency, not to mention a pouch full of toys, treats, and poop bags.

Dog Walking – Prices

Our Charges are as follows:

  • Dog Walking – $30 per session
  • Dog Walking – 5 days (1 session per day) $135*
  • Dog Walking – 7 days (1 session per day) $180

(A session is typically 1 hour, although this may vary in relation to the size / health of a dog and temperature extremities.)

* Regular bookings only
** Prices are per animal, discounts may be available for 2 or more pets and for long term bookings, contact us for pricing.